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Aubrey Kincaid Debuts Fusion Fight League at 43 Years

On Saturday December 3, 2022 Aubrey Kincaid made his amateur MMA debut with Fusion Fight League in Billings, MT. Aubrey was an immediate fan favorite with the locals as he calls Billings, MT home for him and his family, and even the commentator noted he had known Aubrey for approximately 15 years.

The energy was fantastic as each fighter came down to the cage. Welterweight Tyler Daniel (23) walked out first, and Aubrey came to the cage second. When fighters prepare to engage in combat, part of the battle is emotional management, and Aubrey’s original walkout song was going to be Kanye West (Ye), however with all of the controversy in the days leading up to the fight he decided to change the walkout song, but it didn’t seem to impact him and he was smiling, confident, and interacting with everyone leading right into the cage.

There was no touch of gloves when Daniel extended his hands, as Aubrey was ready to go.

Round 1 was exciting, with leg kicks, big right hands being thrown with force, and a takedown that led to a break in the fight when Daniel was kicked in the head as both fighters were in nearly a 50/50 position and Aubrey throwing axe kicks while sitting down, struck Daniel in the head.

As the fight resumed there was a lot of back and forth, and then in round 2 after a scramble, Kincaid was submitted by arm bar and Daniel moved on to a record of 2-1 as an amateur fighter while Aubrey Kincaid, former pastor, former magazine Publisher, added incredible life experiences and memories to his journey.


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