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Derek LaCrone

A fitness and MMA enthusiast, growth minded entrepreneur, speaker, and podcaster with a thirst for reason, reality, optimism and life.

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Derek LaCrone is many things like most people are as well as a writer, keynote and event speaker, and leadership consultant who has managed over $50M in business sales and revenue and growing.


His podcast The Human Derek Podcast has hosted guests such as Mark Wildman of Wildman Athletica, McDojoLife, Championship MMA Coach Manolo Hurricane, and actors, entrepreneurs, psychologists and more.


He spends his time between Texas and Southern California, enjoys training in, spectating, and writing about mixed martial arts, and is the founder of Shady Lion Coffee Co., a lifestyle coffee brand with some of the world’s best rated coffee, while also partnering up with nonprofits to help them better serve their mission. 

Let's Connect

To inquire about hiring Derek as a speaker, event facilitator, business consulting or about being a podcast guest in-person at his studio in San Diego or over zoom, email him here. >


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