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Psychedelic Mushroom Business Booming

It sounds far fetched and for those not in the know, ludicrous, but it’s true and it warrants your attention - psilocybin, better known as “magic mushrooms” to your mom and dad, are producing profound and positive benefits in the mental health and business world.

Psilocybin, the compound in psychedelic mushrooms known for it’s mood boosting and altering affects is a growing business and the latest research from world renowned institutions such as John Hopkins have found that even one significant dose can eliminate and cure depression for up to 6 months. Yes… one dose. No more pills or ups and downs.

Many proponents of natural remedies have touted the benefits of mushrooms for some time, and books such as “the Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” and others who forage for mushroom facts do a a great job of highlighting how our ancestors regularly participated in mushroom ceremonies and other psychedelic experiences throughout history that some believe aided in perspective shifts helping humans work better together.

It’s also common for groups of people or tribes to have a type of “coming of age” ritual or experience, that can sometimes involve the consumption of a compound that produces hallucinations or other mind altering experiences.

If you or someone you know suffers from mental health challenges or you’re just looking to get some perspective on life, speak to someone who’s qualified to educate you on the positive benefits of mushrooms (psilocybin).


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