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Modern Health - Peptides and BPC157

Have you heard of peptides? Better yet, has your doctor heard of peptides? While some doctors are talking about them as all the rave for optimizing human health and performance, some doctors know little or nothing about how they’re being used in 2022 and beyond.

While there are many reasons for this, one of the primary reasons is that they’re new, and yes in western medicine there are requirements for health professionals to stay up to date on the latest procedures for many things, there is very little obligating them to learning about what many are considering modern medicine. So here’s a short intro to peptides and a good conversation for your health professional or for you to find someone in your area or elsewhere who does use them or can give you great guidance should you see the value.

In scientific terms, a peptide is a naturally occurring components of cells made up of amino acids and play certain roles in cellular activity and important biological functions.

In recent years peptides have become more and more popular with athletes and other professionals who rely on their body to be at peak performance and to recover and heal faster.

The latest research shows evidence of peptides having a much more profound positive affect than originally thought, and in some articles there have even been claims of a peptide called BPC157 repairing liver damage.

There are a variety of peptides available from doctors and labs, and there are two common ways for people to receive them, either an injection or orally, and the dosage of peptides is important as well so make sure you’re consulting with a trained medical professional before utilizing peptides.

Some of the benefits that is drawing the every day non athlete towards peptides as well include but are not limited to peptides for improving memory function, fighting viruses and protecting from viruses including covid-19, healing faster from injuries, and improving neural functioning and mood regulation.

These are just a few functions of peptides, there are many types being made for different things, so again, consult with a professional who can walk you through if peptide usage is something that will be beneficial for you and that meshes well with where you’re at in life right now.

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