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Covid Recovery - The Non Pharma Magic Pill

It doesn't matter where you stand politically or personally in regards to Covid, let's face it, Covid sucks. Some people seem completely unaffected and still haven't ever got it or shown symptoms, and some even here in early 2023 end up bed ridden for more than 10 days only to start feeling better, get up to start moving around, and find that their energy is sapped and their body isn't as vigorous as it was before they got sick.

The good news is the world has been hard at work and a simple peptide (an amino acid, a fancy way of saying the building block for protein and we've all heard about how good protein is for us) is proving to help people recover faster and more fully from the damage that covid and other viruses are doing to the body. The virus that causes covid was designed (whether you believe it was man made or God made or both, it had an origin), in a way that it penetrates a variety of organs and tissue in the body like nothing we have seen before in the modern era of humanity. Most viruses don't want to do that much damage because they want a place to live and hang out and be able to spread and reproduce. Covid doesn't really seem to care as the reason it has been so detrimental to so many is it's impact across the body.

"Who cares?! I just want to feel better and stay better!" you might be saying, so let's get to the good stuff. Because of all the skepticism around Western medicine the last few years, and rightfully so since malpractice is the leading cause of death in the United States, pills and anything that sounds pharmaceutical can immediately steer people away, so I really want to emphasize this is not a pharmaceutical drug, this is not even a drug, it's more like a high-powered supplement and is fast becoming readily available everywhere, even on Amazon! (update on Amazon shopping for BPC157 at end of article).

What is it? BPC-157 stands for Body Protection Compound and has been studies for several years now and has been found to do some pretty incredible things including gut health restoration, heal ligaments and soft tissue repair (I took it in October 2020 when I tore my ACL and avoided ACL surgery in combination with lots of other physical components like hot yoga and daily rehab and an AirBike). It's a peptide that's found naturally occurring in the body, and now we have the ability to produce it in either capsule or injectable form in ways that help the body heal and recover. So how is this related to covid?

With covid spreading throughout the body and attacking organs and soft tissues, BPC157 has been showing it can help repair soft tissue and organ damage, helping expedite recovery from covid and accelerate the body's repair. In my personal experience I went from being tired just walking my normal daily walk (which was quite surprising because I'm 37 years old and am extremely athletic and in shape) back to having incredible cardio and strength and energy all day long.

I'm not here to sell you a miracle drug, we are all different in terms of our genetic and physical make up, but if you have had challenges with covid I highly recommend checking it out, or any other type of tissue damage or trouble as well. Doctors are regularly prescribing BPC157 now although I don't know much about that process.

Also, I added some of my other favorite health products below that keep me going all year long. Feel free to leave a comment below or let me know if you've tried BPC157, have more questions about it and want to hear anything else, or just want to share your thoughts on anything mentioned in this article.

Favorite Health and Immunity Items:

Renude - Add to your coffee, tastes great, and helps support cognitive and immune function.

Host Defense Mushroom Capsules - Easy to take on the god great for bran and body

**Amazon and BPC157** Update: It appears Amazon has pulled a lot of BPC157 supplements recently because the FDA has not officially approved production of BPC157 it is still in a gray area where the pharmaceutical industry is unable to reserve the rights and patent it because it's a naturally occurring phenomena so I hope that it doesn't become something where the money machine of big pharma tries to squash what is showing to be a very powerful human assistant in the battle for great health. To learn more about BPC157 and covid simply Google search "BPC157 covid" or even things like "BPC157 and liver health" and you'll find it is becoming widely used in advanced and holistic medicine.

I can always be reached at with any additional thoughts and comments.


Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson
Feb 21, 2023

In that this is a naturally occurring chemical, it is not available for patent. Pregnenolone is a natural product and available over the counter and is a precursor to 150 hormones in the body. Big pharma tries to scare people away from using it for long periods of time. I have been using it for 40 years and it has been good for myself and my wife to avoid "Hot Flashes". So getting this BPC157 intact into over the counter should be a slam dunk. Do not let the Big Pharma stop you. This is what we need to stop further Gain of Function Research to build the next tiger that they will launch into the population. The n…

Feb 22, 2023
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